Is the new year of 2017 motivating anyone else like crazy?!

I know I am – crafting tons of new business items (like fun packaging) for Lucy + Fay has been my focus so far this year. I developed a strategy for meeting great new people to work with in 2017, and I’m excited to execute! Finding awesome ladies (and gentlemen!) who love lettering almost as much as I do is totally thrilling.  And then creating something that totally blows. their. mind? Even better.

The holiday season also brings around another lovely season…engagement season! Holla if you got some new bling this Christmas! While there are one million things to think about when you’re newly engaged, I created a little wedding giveaway happening on my Instagram page that might help you with at least one of your upcoming engagement tasks. (Hint: it might have something to do with a photo shoot.)

Follow on Insta @lucyandfay for the giveaway and for lots of other calligraphy goodness!

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