We are solidly into the fall season – how did the year go so fast?! Central Pennsylvania is quickly turning cold and the leaves are fading from green to gorgeous reds and golds.

I’ve been pretty busy this season with lots of Lucy + Fay calligraphy and decor opportunities! Let’s catch up, shall we…

I took my lettering to a craft show – my first one!


To prepare for the show, I took on a new challenge: wood signs! The kind people at Lowe’s helped me cut the wood, and I stained it all a gorgeous walnut on my back porch. Lettering was the hardest part, since finding a marker that would work well on the wood was an adventure. (Spoiler: Molotow pens are GIFTS FROM BABY JESUS.)

Pumpkins are something else I tried my hand at. Ornaments were really successful last year, so why not the autumn equivalent?!


This “Thankful” pumpkin is my fave – I’ve sold three already! (You can buy one on Etsy here.) And you can find a lot more fall items on Etsy, too, if you’re into that kind of thing. You know, celebrating Thanksgiving, greeting trick-or-treaters, that stuff. 🙂

One last photo for good measure. I can’t get over that gold lettering, SWOON.


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