A crispness has finally filled the Central Pennsylvania air after some pretty hot September days. Fall is here, and with the season comes the rich colors and textures of fall weddings. Don’t the deep reds, oranges and greens of autumn just make you want to frolic in a forest somewhere?!

I met Dana and Robbie through my previous workplace, but it feels like everyone in State College knows them from somewhere. Their wedding celebration featured groups of people from different walks of life – dancing, science, writing – all brought together by this couple. Paired with this joyful Saturday event was an intimate Friday wedding with only their nearest and dearest. When discussing the wedding with Dana, I knew a calligraphy backdrop would be just perfect for her event.

Featuring a quote from their wedding ceremony, the piece also featured a hand-sketched drawing of a tree, birds, and nest, designed by the supremely talented David Spak.

Flanked by gorgeous floral displays, the piece had the perfect drama for the event. Projects like these are why I truly love weddings. Best wishes to Dana and Robbie for many years of happiness, drawing all of the birds to their branches.

Photos in this post by Lindsey Ford Photography

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