The Gift Guide For Your Favorite Calligrapher

Christmas is here, and I can guarantee you that the letterers and calligraphers in your life would love some free supplies as their holiday gift. Here’s what you should buy your calligrapher friends AND what you should buy your calligraphy-loving, non-artistic friends! Today’s post is all about calligraphers. I’ll follow up with a calligraphy fan list!

Calligrapher Gifts


Every calligrapher needs nibs. All of the freakin’ time. Especially when you don’t expect it. Get the nibs they crave from Paper & Ink Arts, my favorite store. I recommend the Brause Blue Pumpkin, Zebra G, or Hunt 101.


If your bestie is pursuing calligraphy as a side hustle, inevitably, they’ll question why they’re doing it. Sacrificing naps, nighttime TV watching, other hobbies…is it worth it? Stay inspired with a good book. I recommend Big Magic.


Totally rock their world, and buy them Dr. Ph Martin’s Copperplate Gold. Or a Finetec palette. Hold me back, credit card. (Both also available at Paper & Ink Arts.)

Pen Pillow

Ash Bush is one of my favorite Instagram follows. Her adorable, handmade pen rests are the perfect thing to keep your ink from splattering all over the desk. And how cute is the name Pen Pillow?

Easiest Gift Ever

Know what your calligrapher friend probably wants? Pass out their business card to 5 people. Paste a link to their Etsy shop on your Facebook. Share a photo of the cool thing they crafted for you on your Snap Story. You’ll be supporting their art, building their business and making them smile. And all you have to do are these little things! Last time I checked….they were also all free.

May Book

These notebooks are notorious. Easy to carry around with unique covers – this one is INK. Can it get better? I checked. It can’t. (Husband, if you’re reading this, please buy me one.)

Any other ideas? Let me know in the comments!



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