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Most people just think of gorgeous envelopes (#envelopeporn, is that a thing?), romantic invitations and old-school diplomas when they think of calligraphy or hand lettering. But there are so many ways to incorporate beautiful writing into your wedding, event, or even your home! Options for style, color, ink type abound, so let’s dive in with some photo examples.

Wedding signage is an easy way to make your wedding feel so much more *you* and to make your guests feel super welcome! Point them to the sign-in table, let them know your fab signature cocktails or simply tell them where they should sit – all with calligraphy wedding signage. While those things range in cost, the look can be totally worth it.

Calligraphy lettered gift sign

Christmas ornaments. Bet you didn’t think I could letter those, huh? #AllCalligraphyEverything, people. These are beautiful ways to document your baby’s first holiday season, your new home, your recent engagement or just happy Christmas wishes! I made so many of these as gifts this past Christmas, and they’ll be available in my Etsy shop in the fall.


Including hand lettering in your plans for a baby shower, bridal shower or bachelorette party can also add a little luxury (and excitement – I promise the soon-to-be mama will lose her mind with cuteness!). I created a series of chalkboard pieces for one of my favorite ladies’ baby shower!

Hope you enjoyed these simple ideas for adding some beauty to more than just your wedding invitations! Incorporating lettered elements into your home goods, party decor or wedding plans isn’t too hard if you can find a reliable calligrapher to work with. I suggest reaching out to your friends to see who they’ve used in the past, doing a quick Google search…or, you know, going to my Contact page. 🙂

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